Deadly Camp Fire ravages Butte County

Man fights Camp Fire and saves 90-year-old mother in Paradise

Brad Weldon and his friend Michiel McCrary chose not to evacuate during the Camp Fire and fought off flames and kept Brad’s home and his 90-year-old mother safe.

Camp Fire: Paradise Mayor Jody Jones ready to rebuild town

Paradise Mayor Jody Jones loved to cook. She lost her entire set of family recipes when the flames consumed her home in the town that suffered the greatest loss of life and structural damage in California’s deadliest blaze.

”You know, we lived with fire danger all the time here. But I never thought that if it came it would wipe the town out.
We had fires in 2008 and I had a number of friends who lost their homes in that fire. Maybe 50 structures. But this kind of devastation, no one imagined,” Jones told the Mercury News.

Jones in now determined to rebuild the town she calls home.

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